Portable Subsidies

Portable Subsidies

Scattered Subsidies – McLaren has 15 B.C. Housing funded subsidies. Existing McLaren program participants can apply for these which enable the applicant to live in rental accommodation in the building and geographic location of their choice in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Portable LEAP (Living Empowered & Positive) Program – A rental subsidy(portable subsidy) helps individuals and families afford market rent within in the community of their choice.

Many of McLaren’s clients/participants are offered living support via portable subsidies. Currently McLaren provides funding primarily in partnership with B.C Housing, Vancouver Coastal Health and MAC AIDS Fund for 60 subsides for low income individuals and families in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of B.C. Private donations and McLaren’s own fundraising efforts may add additional subsidies as funds allow.

 Enhanced Support Program (ESP) – funded by B.C. Housing with 25 portable subsidies this program also provides a full-time support worker to assist program participants who are at risk of homelessness and need some staff support to set life goals etc. to stabilize their lives and enhance their overall health.

 STOP HIV/AIDs (VCH) – Funds from this project provides for 5 portable subsidies for families and a outreach worker to provide family and one-on-one support.

Sponsored Subsidy Program (SSP) – This program costs $6000 per person a year to fund. Participants can raise their own portable subsidy and McLaren manages the funds. Money may be provided by businesses, friends or family. These subsidies can be allocated to a named individual or someone on our waitlist. Please contact 604-669-4090 for more information.

LEAP Program Recipient
“Without McLaren’s subsidy I would be living on the street or not even alive today”.
“I have my little corner of the universe I love it. And it’s not just a roof over my head you know! It’s a home.”
— Quote from Norm, a LEAP Client of 14 years: